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Based in Hove, Elite LT home builders regularly provide domestic clients in Brighton with our construction services. Whether you’re looking for a new house refurbishment, garage conversion, house extension, or you have something else in mind, you can count on us to provide a reliable and professional service. With 190 top-rated customer reviews on Checkatrade, we have extensive evidence of the quality we bring as an industry-leading building company on the South Coast.

One of the most fulfilling ways we help local residents is our property renovations. As a skilled building contractor, we provide this as a bespoke service in addition to the following works:

  • Property Upgrades

  • Structural Alterations

  • Garage Remodels and New Living Spaces

  • Property Extensions

  • Loft Conversions

House renovations can come in many different forms and endless possibilities. However, we have some valuable advice to share to help inform the direction of your next renovation project.


Consider the Value of a Downstairs Bathroom

When it comes to property renovations and structural alterations, it can be tempting to completely restructure the layout of your Brighton home to create your new living space. However, before you start ripping things up, it’s worth bearing in mind the worth that a downstairs bathroom can have. A common feature in many older houses in the UK, having a ground-floor bathroom can be highly practical during renovation work, especially if you’re having an upstairs bathroom fitted as part of the project. You can continue to have functioning bathing and toilet facilities in an accessible location within your home.

Prepare for Life During Construction

As an experienced building company, there’s one thing we always advise our Brighton customers ahead of any property renovations, house extensions, garage conversions or house refurbishments - think about your living arrangements during construction. Depending on the scale of the planned work, there are some practical issues that you will need to consider. You may need to go without access to basic utilities if you’re having work done that involves your boiler or electrical system. Also, you will likely need to separate the construction site from the rest of the house to prevent dust and debris from distributing throughout the house. If you have a plan in advance to the work starting, this can make the construction period much easier to manage for you and your family.

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Agree On a Schedule of Work with Your Building Contractor

Developing further on the previous two points, we know in all years as a building company that establishing an accurate schedule of work is a crucial part of planning for property renovations. If you proceed without a schedule of work on your renovation, house extension, garage conversion or house refurbishment project, things can become chaotic and confusing for you as the customer. With a full schedule of work, you will know exactly what work is happening when and it helps you keep track of the progress of your property renovation project. This holds your building contractor accountable and allows you to live your life more freely during the construction process.

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