Property Renovations and Garage Conversion in Burgess Hill | Ideas for a Newly Converted Garage Space

Elite LT is an experienced building company based in Hove that regularly works with clients in and around Burgess Hill. Thanks to our years of dedication to our craft, our home builders can transform your home in many ways. Some of our core services include the following home improvements:

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Although not every property has access to one, for those that do, a converted garage space can be a real asset to your home. Typically an under-used area of in the home, repurposing your garage can increase your property's value without needing a rear-facing extension or other form of house extension. If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are some ideas for a potential garage conversion project.


New Space, New Purpose | Share Your Vision with Your Home Builder

Similar to the advice we give for our housing extensions, house refurbishment and property renovation, the first thing you should think about for your garage conversion is the purpose of the new living space. Some examples of past converted garage projects we’ve worked on include the following:

  • Office Space

  • Home Gym

  • New Bedroom

  • Kitchen Extension

  • Games Room

  • Artist Studio

  • Music Practice Room

  • Home Cinema Room

The possibilities are plentiful, but the sooner you figure out what you want to use the space for, the easier it will be for you and your building company. This will inform the design of the room and many of the choices you make from this point onwards.

Include an Extension

If space is at a premium in your Burgess Hill property, one way to get the most out of a garage conversion is to combine it with a house extension. If you have a ground-floor garage with space above it, you could build a new bedroom or other room for a double-story extension project. This can help balance the property out, although you will need to factor in how this extra room will be accessed from the rest of the house and any potential structural alterations.

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Create a Peaceful Annexe Room

When it comes to property upgrades and conversions, house refurbishments and property renovations of any form, we encourage our clients to consider the existing strengths of their homes. For those in Burgess Hill with a detached garage, this could be a fantastic opportunity to convert it into an annexe room. Sometimes, having separation from the main part of the property can add to the function of the newly converted room, especially if privacy is a high priority for you.

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